Find the Best Font Pairing to Make Awesome Design

Are you a Designer ?

How about you to find best font pairing to use on your design ? In this article I will show you some example or my collection about font pairing.

Font combination is an important, because that a key part of typography a should exist in a design. Good font pairings will lead to beautiful design that are also easy to read.

I always to find the best font combination in the first step before make a UI design. So if your confused to find best pairing font? don’t worry, you will be find best pairing font in this article..

I will show with the example website or themes that use font pairing.. So let’s to see my collection font-pairing ideas and inspiration.

1. will inspire you with its large collection of excellent font-pairing. The archive currently has over 1,400 featured web designs. Also you can contribute to add font combination what you like with the chrome extension. Fonts that go together



Font Pair helps and suggest you to pair Google Fonts together. You can filter font pairing based on general font classifications. Example, Sans-Serif/Serif and Cursive/Serif

Font Pair Helps designers pair Google Fonts together. Beautiful Google Font combinations and pairs.


3. Google Type Project

Google Type Project will show Inspiration to you about beautiful combination of google fonts. You can also to add your best font combination into the project.

Google Web Fonts Typographic Project


4. Typewolf

Typewolf helps designers choose the perfect font combination for their next design project. This site is an independent typography resource that features typefaces from all type foundries.

An Independent Typography Resource → Typewolf


5. Typegenius

Typegenius will recommend the perfect font combo to you and show you real-word example of it’s suggested font combos.

Type Genius


Font Pairing

  1. Montserrat & PT Serif


  • type: heading
  • text-transform: Upercase
  • font-weight: normal
  • font-size: 17px

PT Serif

  • type: body
  • text-transform: normal
  • font-weight: normal
  • font-size: 15px

Example web to use this pairing font